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I'm Jo and my family started True Taco over 10 years ago. Our family recipes are a delicious blend of Salvadorian and Mexican cuisine. Using local meats and produce, we proudly bring you a fresh and authentic experience. It's like sitting at your abuela's table, waiting to eat a hot homemade meal...nostalgic!

We have had quite the taco trajectory. Our very first spot was at The Trails End Market, shortly after we opened at The Market at The Western Fair. We then opened a 20 seat dine-in restaurant on Dundas and a few years later across the street to a 80+ seater. Although this location closed a few years ago, I have many memories that I'll treasure for the rest of my life.

We've grown, closed, gone through countless changes over the years but our Market location stands tall serving the True Taco sazón. I'm incredibly thankful for our market community and for your continued support. YOU make the difference by shopping local and for that I say ¡SALUD!


True Taco

True Taco is an authentic comedor latino. We specialize in Mexican and Salvadorian food. Serving London since 2009.

Located inside The Market at the Western Fair. Open every Saturday between 8am-2pm and Sundays 10am-2pm.

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